J.T. Brooks - Elias 4 Wheel Drive Center

J.T. Brooks focuses on making a high quality product that conveniently and accurately meets the customer’s off-roading needs. We have expanded our product offerings to better meet everyone's off-roading needs. Our keychain tire deflators allow users to measure the instantaneous PSI in his/her tire by placing a tire gauge over the threaded end, while the tire is deflating. Our automatic tire deflators, which have been available since 1984, can be calibrated to a desired PSI. This allows the user to simply screw them on and attend to other tasks before off-roading, as the automatic tire deflators quickly and accurately deflate each tire, while stopping deflation at the calibrated PSI. Our automatic tire deflators pro elminates the need to calibrate each automatic tire deflator. Simply dial in your desired PSI, using our precision laser engraved PSI scale, and go!* The automatic tire deflators pro allow for easy change in desired PSI, while on the move.