TJ Ring & Pinion + Lockers

Is your Jeep sluggish now that you've installed larger tires? Riding your clutch at every stop light? Lost 5th or 6th gear completely? All that and you're ready to hit the trails with your new suspension lift and larger tires and your crawl ratio just isn't going to cut it with 3.07's, 3.55's or even 3.73's. Elias 4wd Center can and will gladly help with that.

The pictures below show a gear ratio change to 4.88's and while in there the customer opted to add an electrically actuated OX locker.

First, it's being diligent about starting with a totally clean housing.

Cleaned Dana 44 housing

We happen to be doing two separate gear swaps at the same time this week, both TJ's. This 4.88 ring gear is mated to a factory TJ Rubicon locker with a pattern that is going to last many, many years into the future. 

Perfect Pattern

Placement and routing of the new OX locker cable

OX Routing

Placement of the Ox locker electric actuator

Ox electric actuator

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