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Hey everyone. It's about time for me to start making this "News" section a weekly occurrence. So, this weeks post is about Hothead Headliners. This past week we installed a set on a 4 door JK w/ the rear side window panels. Not the first HH install we've done, but it's the first that I took pictures of! We, as a company, can attest to this product. It's a straight forward install, looks good, and IT WORKS! Mark, the owner of Hothead Headliners, is a great guy and will go out of his way to help you, whether it's a question about the product or a question about an install. We have yet to try any of the other headliner products that are on the market for Jeep JK's, so we can't attest to any of those, but based on what we've seen from Mark at Hothead Headliners, we'll continue to recommend him and his product. If you have any questions or you are interested in having Hothead Headliners installed in your vehicle please feel free to contact Lou or Chris at 978 597 8432 or email

Hothead Headliners Freedom PanelsHothead Headliner Rear Panel/Freedom PanelsHothead Headliner Full ViewHothead Headliner Side Window Panels

  • Posted on   06/01/16 at 08:43:51 PM   by Chris  | 
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