Introduction to Elias 4wd

Lou: I started working on a variety of vehicles, specifically Jeeps, when I was 14 years old. My first vehicle was a 1966 Kaiser Wagoneer. My knowledge and background with vehicles allowed me to pay my way through college fixing cars. I graduated with a BS in marketing from UMass Lowell and after college I worked for Hunter engineering as a technical trainer and service rep. I opened Elias 4wd Center in 1999 and have been working here ever since.

Chris R: I bought my first Jeep, a 1970 CJ5, in 1996. I have always had a Jeep since then, 8 Jeeps to be specific. I earned my Associates degree in Science and Automotive technology from the Franklin Institute of Boston. I am a Master ASE certified technician and Master Jeep certified as well. I have been working as an auto mechanic for 21 years. 12 of those years I spent working for Hassan Brothers Jeep. I have now been working at Elias 4wd for over 7 years. I am currently an officer with Mohawk 4x4 Adventures Club and have been since 2014.

Katie: I have been working for Elias 4wd Center for just about a year now doing bookkeeping for the business. I have been around cars for my entire life as my father has been a mechanic for almost 30 years. I have been working on cars with my father since I was old enough to hold a wrench. I started to branch out by doing bookkeeping for small businesses which inevitably lead me to Elias 4wd Center. It's been a perfect fit and I haven't looked back.

Chris W: I took a liking to Jeeps when I was just a young one, pointing out the vehicle that had a top that could be removed. I always told my parents that would be my vehicle. I purchased my first Jeep in 2004, a brand new TJ. That stayed stock for about a year and then the real fun began. Almost 12 years and 4 Jeeps later I am now driving a JKU and loving it. My background is in education with a Bachelors degree in English. I was teaching in the Special Education field for over 5 years before I made the jump to start working at Elias 4wd Center. Like Katie, it's been a perfect fit and I haven't looked back.

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